Our Brand

There’s no denying the strength that comes with unity. Athletes perform better when their team is in sync, meals are transformed into five-star experiences when dishes are perfectly paired, and even practical, everyday items like thread are made stronger when joined together.

That’s the concept John Roebling put into practice when he invented the steel cable right here in Saxonburg. He fused separate steel strands to form what was an incredibly durable—yet flexible—cord. His unique innovation was then used in the construction of the famous Brooklyn Bridge and continues to be an important element in many applications across the world. This new technology allowed people to travel with confidence; knowing the strength and stability of the construction would support their journey.

At Ronald Jones Financial Services, that’s the vision we have for your financial life. That concept is so important to our philosophy that we brought it to life in our logo…. helping you bridge the gap between your current financial position and your future financial success. We bring together all the pieces of your financial world, so they become a stronger catalyst for the life you want to live. We make sure every strategy works in conjunction with the others, and that no one element conflicts with another. In doing so, we create a more cohesive, enduring plan that gives you freedom and confidence to live your best life.

As we continue to grow and develop, we remain focused on addressing the ongoing needs and challenges of our clients through our expansive network of financial partners and resources.